Special Issue

Philanthropic response to the war in Ukraine

As the crisis unfolds, Candid is continuously providing updates on philanthropic efforts to support the people of Ukraine.

Funding summary

5,649 grants worth $1,991,390,975

Candid collects data in real-time on funding provided in response to the crisis in Ukraine. This spreadsheet is updated as information is made public.

In addition to grants, we have tracked 194 pledges worth $1,209,168,480.

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Funders can share their grants data with us by emailing [email protected].

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Featured organizations

These organizations represent a sampling of many that are offering support for Ukraine.

About this page

The page updates automatically as data and news are added to our database. The data is derived from news articles and other sources that we regularly scan for relevant information and funders who directly share their funding data with us. We code the data according to our taxonomy.

Please direct media inquiries to Adia Colar, Communications and Outreach Manager, at [email protected].

Additional resources

In an effort to avoid duplication of existing lists and resources, we are sharing lists from umbrella philanthropy and nonprofit-serving organizations. Additionally, archived